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Ridgeline Instructions

Step 1:

Remove center bolt with a #40 star bit


Remore front tie downs with a #50 star bit.


Step 2:

Attach the rails using #40 screw in the center holes.


Use 1 x #50 screw on each side at the front end. {Even though there are two holes at this point, you only need one screw to attach the rail at the front.


Step 3:

Peel and stick the 2 plates with adhesive backing over the recessed area above the rails as shown. This will prevent moisture from penetrating this recessed area after the cover is installed.


Step 4:

Attach drain hoses. Then run them down the side wall, through the tie-down and drape them over the plug on the floor as shown.



Position Bakflip cover on the rails as shown. It will click into position.

Then push the cover forward until the rubber gasket seals tightly against the cab wall as shown.



Fold the Bakflip cover closed to ensure propper fit.

Then insert the 4 elevator bolts and tighten under the cover with the 4 respective star knobs.



To drive with the Bakflip fully open, lift Bakflip to open position. Then pivot the locking arm on your rail until it touches the cover.

Loosen the knob of your bracket and slide the locking bracket upwards. Then position the arm below the bracket as shown.

Then lower the bracket over the arm as shown. Tighten the knob to secure. CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy your new Bakflip!