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BakFlip Tonneau Covers - Roll-X, BakFlip XT, BakFlip VP, FiberMax, BakFlip G2, BakFlip F1 Truck Covers 


The BakFlip VP is the newest hard folding tonneau cover from Bak Industries. The BakFlip VP is built tough to last! The BakFlip VP tonneau cover is a super strong, hard folding tonneau cover that easily folds open or closed and locks with your tailgate just like all other BakFlip Tonneau Covers. The BakFlip VP tonneau cover folds up on top of your rails and stores behind the cab. BakFlip VP has no visible hinges for a superior look and performance in all weather conditions. The BakFlip VP tonneau cover can handle over 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight on top and is backed by a solid, top to bottom 1 year warranty.


The Roll-X hard rolling BakFlip tonneau cover is built to last! The Roll-X BakFlip tonneau cover is a super strong, hard rolling tonneau cover that easily rolls open or closed and locks with your tailgate just like all other BakFlip Tonneau Covers. The Roll-X tonneau cover rolls up on top of your rails and stores behind the cab, without blocking your rearview window.The Roll-X  does not take up any  space in your truck bed like all other hard rolling covers, that require a storage canister, do. The Roll-X tonneau cover can handle over 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight on top and is backed by a solid, top to bottom 2 year warranty.

BUY NOW AT FACTORY DIRECT PRICES! BAK INDUSTRIES TRUCK BED TONNEAU COVERS ARE SIMPLY THE FINEST TONNEAU COVERS AVAILABLE! BakFlip tonneau covers are the premier Truck Bed covers in the world. There are many other Truck Bed Tonneau Covers available, but the BakFlip G-2, BakFlip HD and the all new and stronger Fiberglass(FRP) BakFlip F-1 tonneau covers are the number 1 sellers of all pickup tonneau covers!

BakFlip Tonneau Covers are simply the best tonneau cover on the market! The BakFlip covers are the only truck bed covers that completely fold up to let you use all of your truck bed including the complete vertical capacity of your truck bed. The BakFlip G-2, BakFlip G-2 FiberMax, BakFlip HD and BakFlip F-1 are hard bed covers that look great, easily install and give you both weather protection and complete truck bed security if your tail gate locks. No holes to drill and easy to install. The BakFlip Tonneau Covers will outlast your truck or pickup.

WE ARE PROUD TO INTRODUCE THE WORLD'S ONLY RACK SYSTEM THAT IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL WITH A HARD TONNEAU COVER! BakRak truck bed cover rack system is designed to work with both the BakFlip G-2, BakFlip HD and BakFlip F-1 truck bed tonneau covers. The aluminum construction provides strength and rigidity for you truck bed while being light weight and corrosion resistant. Sliding tie-downs are included with all packages. BakFlip Contractor Series series tonneau cover and truck bed rack system looks like original equipment and give your pickup truck a custom look. The modular truck bed rack system allows quick & easy changes to and from all accessories for your tonneau cover rack system. The integrated T-Slot design allows for easy installation and removal of the truck bed racks and all accessories while concealing mounting hardware. The unique extrusion profile provides a 300 pound load capacity tonneau cover rack system. The BakFlip Contractor Series truck bed rails and racks are baked black powder coated finish for added durability. The BakRak system is a rugged, aerodynamically designed, and infinitely adjustable solution to your truck bed cargo needs. From lumber to boats, skis, and bikes this is the last truck bed rack and tonneau cover system you will ever need.

The BakFlip G-2, BakFlip HD and BakFlip F-1 tonneau covers and BakRak are designed to match the contours and lines of your pickup truck bed and give your truck bed tonneau cover a clean, professional, and finished look. BakFlip G-2 Pro Package or BakFlip HD Pro Package, and BakFlip F-1 Pro Package tonneau covers and BakRak systems Double the storage capacity and utility of your pickup truck!


The RollBak G-2 retractable tonneau covers are built to outlast your truck! The RollBak tonneau cover is a super strong, all aluminum retractable tonneau cover that easily glides open or closed and locks as well. The RollBak tonneau cover boasts incremental stopping positions, Teflon guided rails, a baked on powder coated finish and a far superior design to any other retractable tonneau cover ever made. The Rollbak G-2 tonneau cover can handle over 400 lbs of weight on top of it and is backed by a solid, top to bottom 2 year warranty.

Modern folding and retractable tonneau covers have evolved rapidly during the last 5 years. Bak Industries strives to constantly stay in touch with the performance of their products in real world usage and continuously improve their tonneau covers so as to deliver the strongest most durable product available among the wide variety of covers currently available.

  • The BakFlip F-1, FiberMax, VP, HD, and G-2 hard folding tonneau covers are lightweight and incredibly strong.
  • The BakFlip F-1, FiberMax, VP, HD, and G-2 hard folding tonneau covers cannot be compromised.
  • All BakFlip F-1, FiberMax, VP, HD, and G-2 latches are hidden to give your cover a seamless and flush appearance.
  • All Model BakFlip and Roll-X tonneau covers install in minutes without drilling.
  • All BakFactoryOutlet orders ship via FEDEX or UPS Ground, including the 8' heavy duty truck bed covers.
  • The BakFlip is the only folding tonneau cover that folds forward, flips up, and does not require removal to use 100% of your Truck Bed.
  • The BakFlip, Roll-X, & RollBak tonneau covers allow you full use of your stake pocket holes.
  • The BakFlip CS Pro Series is the only Hard Folding Tonneau and Rack System designed for fully integrated use at the same time
  • The BakFlip, Roll-X and RollBak tonneau covers fit inside your truck's rails to give you a clean and flush look.
  • BakFlip folding & RollBak retractable tonneau covers will hold the weight of an adult and can be used as bench or as scaffolding
  • The BAKFlip folding, Roll-X rolling and RollBak retractable tonneau covers are ding and scratch resistant.
  • The BAKFlip folding and RollBak retractable tonneau covers have patented drainage system to protect against rain leaks.
  • The BAKFlip folding, Roll-X rolling and RollBak retractable tonneau covers offer superior quality at a reasonable price.

The BakFlip folding and RollBak retractable tonneau covers are truly the finest pick up truck bed covers available in the world!

Bak Factory Outlet - BakFlip Tonneau Cover
Bakflip Folding & Retractable Pick-Up Truck Bed Covers

The Bak Factory Outlet offers Bakflip, BedRug & Amp Research Products. The new Roll-X is the most attractive, yet functional tonneau truck cover in the world. Bakflip Tonneau truck covers outsell all competitors, and for good reason. Bak Industries spared no expense or effort in making BAK’s Bakflip and Rollbak tonneau covers dependable and long lasting.Their sleek, ergonomic appearance adds an elegance and style to your pick-up truck that you simply won’t find anywhere else. From the Chevy Silverado to the Ford F150, BAK’s bed covers are sized and styled to match any make and model of pick-up truck.

Bakflip tonneau covers offer a patented fold-away design that allows you to fully customize the security and protection of any cargo in your truck bed. Whether you’re hauling large materials that extend beyond your bed gate, or fragile materials that need to be protected from the elements, Bakflip hard tonneau covers give you all the strength and stability you need to ensure that your cargo remains in place and fully protected from weather of all kinds. Integrated drainage canals on the surface of Bak’sretractable truck-bed covers prevent buildup of water or sleet while keeping the interior of your truck bed warm and dry.

In addition to protecting your valuable cargo from bad weather, Bakflip folding pick-up truck bed covers also lock automatically in place, providing additional security against accidents or theft. Modular closure allows you to decide how much of your truck bed a Bakflip truck tonneau covers up and how much is left uncovered. By placing items that require more protection closer to the cab, Bakflip hard tonneau covers allow you to accommodate a lot of cargo without sacrificing security or space.

Best of all, Backflip tonneau covers blend seamlessly with the lines of your truck bed, providing a smooth, clean, professional appearance. While many pick-up truck bed covers provide some degree of protection and security, none of them look as good as the Bakflip hard tonneau covers. Many of our customers even use Bakflip truck tonneau covers on show trucks, proving that the ergonomic design and smooth fit also allow for legendary style.

 Bakflip tonneau covers may work hard, but they play hard too. Whether your need a Ford F150 bed cover fit for construction work, or a Dodge Ram bed cover for a show truck,  Bakflip retractable pick-up truck bed covers are the perfect choice.

Bak Factory Outlet is proud to announce a new alternative for our customers in search of hard tonneau covers: The Rollbak! Like Bak’s traditional Bakflip tonneau covers, the Rollbak is fully retractable and offers customizable, modular positioning, allowing you to choose the security or openness of your truck bed. Teflon rails ensure a smooth rolling action in any environment, and locking mechanisms ensure maximum security and stability. Even better, like  the other Bakflip tonneau covers, the Rollbak will fit nearly any make and model of pick-up, so whether you need a sturdy Ford F150 bed cover or a showy bed cover for a Toyota Tacoma, Bak Factory Outlet has your bed covered.



BakFlip tonneau covers, BakFlip truck covers by BakFlip may be referred to as BakFlip, Bak Flip, BackFlip, and Back Flip. Bakflip tonneau covers include BakFlip RollX Cover, BakFlip Roll-X Cover, BakFlip hard folding tonneau covers and also BakFlip hard rolling covers. BakFlip G2 tonneau cover, BakFlip HD tonneau cover, BakFlip tonneau covers, Bakflip F1 tonneau cover, BakFlip Fibermax and Bakflip CS tonneau cover are all available from BakFlip.